PG Diploma in Procurement & Contract Management

Awarded by – Cambridge International Qualifications (CIQ), UK

It is imperative for a Procurement Manager to understand the fundamentals of procurement & contracts, as well as understand the procurement strategies adopted world-wide, including how these benefit an enterprise. The course contents helps in understanding how to effectively strategic as well as efficiently manage procurement & contracts in an organization.

Delivery Model Course Duration Course Certified By Course level
Onsite /Online 10 Weeks CIQ 7 (Postgraduate)

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Course Contents

  • Critically review the elements of a contract
  • Review the key aspects of a contract with the use of case law
  • Review various contract law scenarios with the use of case law
  • Evaluate various types of contracts in the context of procurement
  • Understand Contract Clauses and Terms
  • Analyse the application of implied terms, express terms and in-nominate terms
  • Analyse the application of liquidated damages , force majeure, unliquidated damages clause
  • Review the application of dispute resolution clauses, arbitration and mediation
  • Understand the Fundamentals of contract Breach
  • Critically review the elements of managing the Contract
  • Review the importance of the project team
  • Understand the importance of assessing contract risk
  • Analyse how to develop contract exit strategies and understand how to develop
  • Contract management plan
  • Analyse the importance of SLAs and contractor selection and analyse the importance of contractor relationship management
  • Conduct a critical review of the Tendering and Procurement Cycle
  • Understand the process of procurement in the acquisition of capital goods and services
  • Review the various types of tenders, E tendering and Reverse (E ) auction strategies
  • Review the various types of sourcing strategies
  • Analyse the importance of environment scanning in the procurement process and review various procurement contract strategies such as Public Private Partnerships
  • Analyse the Supplier Appraisal Process
  • Review the importance of Appraisal
  • Understand where and when Supplier Appraisals apply
  • Understand the elements of the Appraisal process
  • Critically Review various procurement strategies
  • Understand the strategy of Outsourcing, Off shoring, Insourcing and Subcontracting
  • Review the various integrated strategies when procuring goods and services
  • Review various warehousing and inventory management strategies and inbound outbound logistics elements
  • Understand the impact of AI and ERP platforms on procurement strategies

Intended Audience

The programme is specifically tailored for procurement and supply chain professionals who are interested in applying a reputable qualification to their practice. With the study of supply chain management encompassing a very broad spectrum of business, the programme finds itself applicable to professionals in warehousing, distribution, inventory management, freight logistics and strategic procurement. The programme and delivery will also be suited for professionals interested in a career change.

*We do not offer legalization/attestation of the PG Diploma Diploma certificate awarded by CIQ. These qualifications are meant for upgrading the students knowledge about the program only.

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