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Connect is an initiative by Westford University College aimed at building a connection between inspirational industry professionals who would share real-life scenarios by discussing industry trends and performance across modern-day organizations. This is a unique avenue to explore the industry-academia boundaries and stretch furthe

Our goal is to connect with C-Suite Business Leaders and CEO’s to understand their success stories. The conversations are idea-centric based on a wide range of subjects, that include fostering learning, inspiration, and leadership. We focus on thought-provoking topics that matter.

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| Date : May 26, 2021

Women in leadership building resilience
Ms. Mandip Dulay | Date : 17 Oct, 2020

How to pursue your dreams?
Dr. Ruchi Dana | Date : 10 Oct, 2020

Resilient Leadership – How to lead to thrive in change?
Mr. Tomaso Rodriguez | Date : 08 Oct, 2020

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Nissrine Elqobai | Date : 03 Oct, 2020

Building Lean- Agile Mindset to Enhance Supply Chain Efficiency
Mr. Amadou Diallo | 26th Sep, 2020

The Winning Leadership Mantra from a Fortune 100 CEO
Mr. James Michael Lafferty | 16th Sep, 2020

Leading out loud – What it takes to be an effective leader in today’s time
Iain Copperthwaite | 12th Sep, 2020

Mr.Atif Rahman | 18th July, 2020

Emmanuel Augustin | 27th June, 2020

Mr. Hussein Wehbe | 20th June, 2020

Recap & Sharing of Results ABCs to Navigate Rough Seas
Dr. Raj Kumar | 13th June, 2020

Helen McGuire

Helen McGuire | 5th June, 2020


21st May, 2020 – 5 PM (UAE Time)

16th May, 2020 | 12 PM (UAE Time)

9th May, 2020 | 2 PM (UAE Time)

2nd May, 2020. 5PM (UAE Time)

Mayank Patel – ( Country Manager, Adecco )Better prepare themselves for job market post Covid-19.
29th April, 2020 12PM (UAE Time)

Dr. Renaldo De Jager

Designation: Senior Faculty and Business Development Manager- African Region

Senior Faculty and Business Develop Dr. Renaldo de Jager earned a Doctorate in Technology and Innovation Management from The Da Vinci Institute. With a total of 2 decades of experience as an international management consultant in a variety of sectors, his knowledge is dispersed throughout many consulting businesses across the world. His main focus is on increasing effectiveness and efficiency, as well as increasing productivity and lowering operational expenses. Dr Renaldo provides students with much more than just theory, thanks to his academic credentials and experience in the field. He contributes significantly to the academic field by examining the application of theories and the benefits of doing so, as well as the outcomes.

 Renaldo has a life-long learning approach, and in addition to his academic pursuits, he keeps up with current events to be educated about many businesses throughout the world by interfacing with and consulting with a diverse group of clients and influencers.

Dr Richard Peel

Designation: Senior Faculty and Student Success Manager

Dr. Richard Peel is the Senior Faculty and Student Success Manager at Westford University College. Before joining Westford, he taught at Middlesex University, Wollongong University, and the Higher Colleges of Technology in the United Arab Emirates. Additionally, he has worked in the UK, the Basque Country, Germany, Indonesia, Mexico, and Kuwait.

His academic credentials include a Ph.D. in Education from the University of Exeter, an MSc in TESOL from the Aston University, and a B.A. from University of Birmingham. He also holds the RSA/UCLES DELTA and is a Cambridge and IELTS examiner. His research interests include ESL, online learning, leadership, and management.

Dr Ann Wilkinson

Designation: Adjunct Faculty 

Ann has over three decades of experience in education. She is currently Adjunct Professor at Westford College University, Sharjah, as well as Senior Visiting Lecturer, Director and Business Manager-Diamond Capital Living Ltd Property Rental & Development. She has a wealth of experience, in teaching a range of business modules, at undergraduate, and postgraduate levels, through a variety of higher education institutions in the UK and overseas. 

She has collaborated with a number of overseas higher education institutions in China (Shanghai), Bangladesh-Dacca-North- South University, New Delhi, Qatar. She holds a PhD from the University of Derby and a number of, other qualifications, in the areas of teaching and studying, research methodology, economics and philology.

Dr Sayed Gilani

Designation: Senior Faculty

Dr. Sayed Gilani received his PhD from Glasgow Caledonian University in Glasgow, Scotland. His PhD study was on “Innovation from the Perspective of Rural Entrepreneurship.” Dr. Gilani has published in a number of Scopus-indexed databases on Rural Entrepreneurship and Gamification. He has taught business courses at both the undergraduate, and postgraduate levels, at institutions in the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates.Dr.  Sayed has  expertise in  mentoring students’ academic writing growth at all levels. He  has additionally  served as a consultant on a number of public/private sector initiatives.

 Dr. Sayed is a strong proponent of incorporating research-led learning and gamification into the classroom to guarantee a more learner-centered approach.


Dr Abraham O.A

Designation: External Supervisor

Prof. Abraham is a multidisciplinary teacher, journalist, and publisher with over 23 years of experience. He holds a Cert in International Humanitarian Law from the Oxford University Collaborative Centre, an EMBA, an M.Sc (UK), a PhD in Management, a Doctorate in International Education Management, a Ph.D in Law, a Fellow CILG (USA), and a Fellow FKA (UK). He serves as an External Examiner (PhD/Doctorate dissertation) for five institutions and as a peer-reviewer for seven journals/publications, including the Journal of Media Literacy Education (SCOPUS Indexed). 

He has written various books and articles, including Writing Excellent Articles for Conferences and Journals and Effective Coaching for New Start-Ups. Additionally, he serves on the Athena Global Education Governing Board and is an LLM Module Presenter.

Dr Abhijit Ganguly

Designation: Program Head- DBA

Dr Abhijit Ganguly is a Chartered Fellow and Chartered Manager of the Chartered Management Institute, UK, Fellow of Higher Education Academy, UK, Certified Professor of the University of Northwest Europe, Netherland, Accredited Management Consultant and International Certified Trainer in Management and Leadership, USA. He comes with a vast experience of more than 25 years of global experience in multiple Industry verticals and Academic including organisational consulting, corporate training, lecturing, guiding, 

supervising dissertations, providing coaching, and mentoring to Doctoral and MBA, Executive MBA, MA(Management) students at UK Universities for last 15 years. He is based in London and was working as a Dean & Director of Business Developments of British Canadian Institute of Higher Education campus in London and Toronto, Canada before joining Westford University College, UAE as Program Head-DBA. His specialization includes Strategic Management, Leadership, Strategic Marketing, Brand Management, Corporate Governance etc., Additionally, Dr Ganguly is a prolific speaker and researcher who participated and presented papers in various international conferences and published internationally 15 research articles on contemporary issues in Management and Leadership area in various International fully referred journals with high impact factor in Europe and USA.

Dr Masroor Alam

Designation:  DBA Faculty

Dr Alarm Masroor has over 18 years of experience, in the Field of, Higher Education, across three countries. Leading up to Westford Alam, he worked as a research and development consultant at Prim Box LLC, Dubai. In addition to his teaching skills, Alam is also an expert in the areas of leadership, development, and quality assurance. He has served at Amity College, teaching business programs as an adjunct prof. He has also collaborated with the MENA College of Management, University of Modern Sciences, Skyline University, Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology, Business Research Methodology, Human Resources Management, Organizational Behaviour, etc. Alam has successfully handled leadership, collaboration, and policymaking in the last six years. He published 9 and delivered 5 academic papers at national and international peer-reviewed and peer-reviewed journals/conferences.

Dr Lee Croft

Designation: Guest Faculty and Supervisor

Lee is a very experienced academic with over 22 years of experience in the university sector as a Senior Lecturer.  He studied for his doctorate at Keele University in the UK. Lee has worked with many international partners during his career in Sri Lanka, Oman, China, and Dubai including Westford University College as a partnership manager.  As such, Lee holds a deep understanding of the needs and expectations of experienced professionals undertaking study internationally. His research area is in the broad area of organisational studies around Human Resource Management with a specific interest in Hermeneutics, Identity and Resistance to Change. Lee also holds several External Examiner roles in the UK where he advises partners on the quality assurance process. Before his academic career, he was a design and development engineer in the UK rail sector. 

Dr Liza Gernal

Designation: Faculty/DBA Coordinator

Dr Liza has over two decades of experience in small and medium-sized businesses surrounding zero waste management and environmental protection. She holds a PhD in Administration, a major in Human Resources Management, from the Liceo de Cagayan University. She also holds a second PhD in Business Philosophy from Liverpool University, UK. Her professional passion includes teaching Human Resources Management, International Business, Supply Chain Management, Organizational Behaviour, Organizational Growth and Transformation, Imagination and Innovation, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and other business-related courses. 

Dr Andrew Hambler

Designation: Chief Examination Officer – Westford UCAM DBA Programme

Dr Andrew Hambler is a former HR consultant who worked for many years for the financial services firm, PriceWaterhouseCoopers progressing to be a manager. He is also a seasoned academic who has worked as a senior lecturer and associate professor across institutions in the UK, for the past 17 years. Dr Hamblers research interests are focused on religion and law in the workplace, and he completed his PhD in the Law Department at Durham University. Also, Dr Hambler has served as a partnership manager and link tutor at the Westford University College, Sharjah, UAE for several years and has a thorough awareness and understanding of the needs and expectations of experienced professionals pursuing higher education internationally. His expertise spans employment law, employment relations and managing and leading people and organisations and his research focus on labour laws, religion at work, religious discriminations. Additionally, He has several articles, book chapters and a monograph to his credit. 

Dr Colin Rigby

Designation: Guest Lecturer/ Thesis Supervisor

Dr Colin Rigby is a Reader and Director of Enterprise at the Keele Business School and has an M.Sc. and M. Phil from Manchester University and a B.Sc. from UMIST in engineering disciplines.  Dr Colin has extensive experience in experiential and problem-based learning including production management, consultation, and engineering-based projects across varied sectors. His research interests include creativity as it applies to problem-solving, operations management, new enterprise planning, innovation, and enterprise. Colin has also delivered over 450 projects with students and small businesses applying the rigour of the academy to solve business problems and providing a learning experience for students that develops the skills needed by employers in an increasingly competitive market. Colin also has extensive experience with ethics, especially as it applies to research. 

Dr Genaro V Japos

Designation: Adjunct Thesis Supervisor

Dr Genaro v Japos is a social science instructor and researcher. He founded two Philippine-based research organizations; The Philippine Association of Institutions for Research in 2007 and the International Association of Multidisciplinary Research in 2011, both of which have a strong membership of 54 and 13 academic institutions, respectively, to this day. Dr Japos is a consultant for a range of organizations around Asia, holding five doctoral degrees in educational planning, business management, instructional systems, human resource management, and organizational management. He has taught as a visiting and an external faculty at the Philippines, Cambodia, and the United Arab Emirates. He also supervises professional and scientific groups, is active in academic writing, and is a regular member of the National Research Council of the Philippines’ Division of Social Sciences.

Dr June Dennis

Designation: Guest Lecturer

June is a marketer that has worked in both the corporate and higher education sectors. She was the Dean of Staffordshire Business School before establishing Mountain Top Perspectives in 2020. As a HE consultant, she specializes in collaborative academic collaborations and is passionate about keeping business and marketing curricula up to date and relevant. She also consults and coaches’ business owners and SMEs, and in non-executive roles, she assists in monitoring organizations. June is also Chair of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. She possesses an EdD, an MBA in Strategic Marketing, and a BSc in Industrial Technology and Management. June is also a Chartered Marketer and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Her prior work history includes B2B distribution, fashion manufacturing, retail, and industrial services. 

Rene Y. Paquibut

Designation: External Supervisor

Rene Y. Paquibut, PhD is an SHRM-Certified Professional with PhDs in Business Management and Education. He has published on Strategic Management, Quality Management, Organizational Development, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Sustainability. His work experience includes nine years in the financial industry and around 17 years in various capacities in academia. He is presently located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.  Additionally, he has prior engagements in the Sultanate of Oman and the Philippines.