WeCares: Westford Cares

WeCares is the signature CSR initiative of Westford University College, where we encourage our students and staff to engage themselves in philanthropic and volunteering endeavors. The projects our students have taken up include: An International volunteering trip to Indonesia (working with youngsters, who lost their parents due to the devastating Tsunami), a volunteering trip to India (working with school children and flood-hit homes), distribution of food, clothes, and books to the needy, organizing Iftar camps in UAE and pioneering other noble projects.

Aside from initiating and executing CSR projects as part of the Westford vision, WeCares also inculcates an ongoing philanthropic spirit among our students to foster a sense of responsibility and compassion. Our student fraternity spreading across 108 nationalities along with the management and staff is committed to channelizing the passion and energy to build a culture of giving and caring, to make the world around us beautiful and sustainable.

The recent award from Forbes Middle East, has recognized the vision and dedication of Westford University College in driving the CSR initiatives to a wider spectrum.

Volunteering trip to a school in flood affected Kerala

Volunteers @ Anna Nursery & Primary School, Ooty

Westford student volunteers @ Kinderhut, Indonesia.

March 4, 2018

Walk For Education 2018 – Westford University College

June 3, 2017

Student Volunteer Trip to KinderHut International Indonesia

May 11, 2017

A volunteering assignment to India that nurtured leadership skills


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