Westford Business Challenge

Westford Business Challenge

The Westford Business Challenge has been initiated to provide a unique chance for young and ambitious future leaders – the present-day students – to showcase their most creative business concepts. The goal is to spread these ideas worldwide through a platform established by Westford University College, which is a part of the Westford Education Group, and in collaboration with Demont Institute of Management.

The Business Challenge provides an opportunity for young students to explore the business world. In this competition, students must analyse and develop practical business solutions, investigate important business issues, and present their findings to the academic and judging panel.

Through the Westford Business Challenge, high school students can collaborate as a team, competing against each other to utilise their critical-thinking, problem-solving abilities, and business knowledge. The 2023 Westford Business Challenge theme is centered around Digital Entrepreneurship and its relevance in the business landscape.

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    Case Studies


    Release Date for Case Study 01

    April 26th; 5:00 P.M. GST


    Release Date for Case Study 02

    May 3rd 12:00 P.M.

    Release Date for Final Case Study & Elevator Pitch:

    May 10th; 5:00 P.M. GST


    Theme: Digital Entrepreneurship

    The entrepreneurship ecosystem plays a dynamic role in our society and is a national asset, with entrepreneurs becoming the drivers who cultivate, motivate, and remunerate the maximum potential of this asset. With the COVID-19 pandemic triggering a collective push into digital transformation, especially for surviving businesses, “COVID-preneurs” have propelled to become their own bosses at a record pace.
    Digital entrepreneurs operate via digital platforms, relying on Information Technology (IT) and digital media tools to identify potential consumers. Digital businesses could include e-commerce, industry consulting, online courses, social media and content marketing, drop-shipping, online retailing, virtual assistants, and other digital spaces that offer products and services.
    The UAE ranks fourth globally in the Global Entrepreneurship Index 2020. The “Fifty Economic Plan”, the largest national strategy of its kind aims to stimulate entrepreneurship, spread the culture of entrepreneurship among future generations and establish the position of the UAE as a global hub and destination for entrepreneurship.
    Bearing these in mind, the Westford Business Challenge provokes critical brainstorming and rational problem solving, creative reasoning and thinking throughout the length of the competition.



    Now Open - closes on April 25th

    Onsite Workshop

    April 26th

    Release of Case Study 01

    April 26th

    Submit Case Study 01 and Release of Case Study 02

    May 3rd

    Release of results for Case Study 01

    May 7th

    Submit Case Study 02 and Release of Case Study 03

    May 10th

    Release of results for Case Study 02 and declaration of Top 10 on the Leadership Board

    May 14th

    Elevator Pitch - In-Campus

    May 17th

    Finale - In-Campus

    May 18th

    The Competition’s Modus Operandi