WeTalk is an initiative by the Westford University College to bring together the doers, the talkers and the dreamers of the world to explore and share their thoughts and ideas. The main objective of this initiative is to enable anyone, anywhere to learn, by effectively presenting their ideas and stories and to help students draw inspiration through open conversations. Westford invites speakers and hear their cutting-edge ideas, inspiring stories, and witness how creative leaders rise to success. WeTalk welcomes speakers from diverse backgrounds, representing business leaders, analysts, managers, instructors, programmers, scientists, comedians, designers, musicians, writers, and activists. We come together to create a space that is brimming with curiosity, excitement, and connection. In the heart of WeTalk, this is what we aim for, people walking in with opinions, doubts, and thoughts and walking out with a fresh perspective and an evolved mindset. This is our part in creating an environment that fosters growth, mindfulness, and happiness.

“We TALK” speakers

Khalid Al Ameri

Westford set in motion the ‘WE TALK’ initiative on 4th November 2017, with Mr. Khalid Al Ameri, as our inaugural speaker. He is an Emirati writer and presenter; he was named by Arabian Business, as one of the 100 most influential young Arabs in the world. He shared with us his experience of transitioning between full-time corporate communications professional to a full-time self-employed social media influencer. It was an inspirational afternoon with stories of success, failure, and perseverance. He quotes, “You only fail when you stop, as long as you have momentum you are succeeding”!

Mr. Rohit Bassi

Mr. Rohit Bassi, as he delivers a return on investment, is a motivational speaker popularly referred to as ROI. To support us from disruption to transition, he uses ancient knowledge from Asia and fuses it with contemporary life, to avoid the needless fear of disturbance. He clarified that the missing key to achievement is ancient wisdom known as “JIGRA”. It is the capacity to combine one’s core, brain, and mind, enabling us, with greater effectiveness, to connect, collaborate and lead. The seminar was a master lesson on personal image enhancement and being impressed by tuning into your own JIGRA,’ your executive presence.’

Dr. Natalia Wiechowski

Dr. Natalia Wiechowski is a leading edutainer of the Middle East. She is a motivational speaker and strategist for personal branding who blends deep insight and varied perspectives with a great deal of humor. Dr. Natalia, as a German social scientist and doctor of philosophy, empowers and encourages both online and offline entrepreneurs and solopreneurs to stand out. Dr. Natalia certainly walks the talk for a social profile that encompasses over 127,000 people worldwide. Across the MENA region, she has received excellence awards and has been published in leading industry magazines.

Dr.Sara Al Madani

The distinguished speaker at the WeTalk event on 21 September 2019, held at the Westford University College, was Dr. Sara Al Madani. We Talk is a WUC project to get the world’s doers, thinkers, and idealists together to talk about and convey their concepts and beliefs. Westford welcomes speakers to take heed to their cutting-edge perspectives and inspirational stories and celebrate the development of visionary leadership.

She was named as a board member of the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry by His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qassimi in 2014, she is the youngest on the board. In 2017, Sara was chosen by the Dubai Ministry of Economy to serve on the board of the UAE SME Council. At the age of 15, Dr. Sara was encouraged to start her own company.

Dr. Sara shared with the audience her inspirational story of motivation and commitment. Her public lecture can be reckoned as an entrepreneurial master class, encouraging many young minds to venture out of the box and never accepting “No” for an answer. Her exuberance was infectious, with cheers and support overflowing the auditorium. She mixed satire, anecdotes and gracefully conveyed her tale of accomplishment and disappointment. Her performance was outstanding. True learning was showcased on this day, with some of her comments bearing witness to that; “Failure is imminent if you commence a company, so you can give out rapidly and run out cheaply.” Another comment that stood out was, “Always bring your heart into what you do, and abandon it if you don’t like it, and then find a way to like it if you can’t stop!” Inspiring the crowd to never give up and to position self-respect and satisfaction above all else.

The encouraging, talk concluded with a question and answer session and a photography session where everyone wished to get photographed with our respected and renowned speaker of the day. It was a day that changed minds and motivated individuals to do more and be better.