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Westford Youth Business Leadership is Back Globally!

Westford University College has always been 10 steps ahead of its time. When traditional education was always winning the debates of being the best form of education,Westford decided to challenge the ordinary and started online degree programs.

Results? Westford was given the Forbes 2019 best education award just within a decade of its completion.

In the year 2020, when the Pandemic hit, and a lot of students were left with no direction on where to go.

Westford University College decided to introduce its Certified Youth Business Leadership Program to high-school students for free.

Results? Over 100 students, from across the world participated in the program. We received an overwhelming response of appreciation and recognition from both students and the parents. It was viewed to be an engaging, empowering and result oriented business leadership program.

What’s more? – Scholarships!

Rewarding outstanding performance by YBLP Participants! Westford University College is taking its commiting to make education affordable one step ahead by providing SCHOLARSHIPS. YBLP Participants will be provided upto 80% scholarship based on their individual evaluation. The aspiring students can choose the graduate program of their choice for this scholarship.

  • 7 students get upto 80%
  • 14 students get upto 50%

The field of bachelor programs students can choose:

  • Sports Business
  • Media, Culture and Communication
  • Business Psychology
  • Fashion
  • Business Management
  • Computing
  • L3 – Foundation Program
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Let’s make our future better, by making our present great.

A unique, practical and results-driven program

About the Program:

Westford YBLP is a carefully researched and tailored program, keeping in mind the aspirations of the youth today.

The current pandemic has provided multiple challenges of communication that the young graduates have been deprived off worldwide, therefore, with the amalgamation of Skill-Based activities, collaborative learning and blended social interaction, this program has covered that gap and enabled students to engage with each other worldwide leading to a sneak-peak on what Westford family attracts at a global level.

Personal Branding, Digital ToolKit, Decoding Entrepreneurship and Building Leadership are the current hot topics that will be discussed at length by well-renowned speakers globally from the industry. Giving students a platform to network and learn from the game-changers themselves.

The knowledge of the industry experts would act as a guiding light for students and motivate them to vision themselves in a prototype future. Additionally, these sessions would help students in better understanding of their present and, help them uncover as well as discover a sense of purpose, through the learning and sharing experiences for the future.

Thus, enabling the students to make rightful decision for their career path and reduce the anxiety of their parents as well. The complete online program of YBLP will give parents a chance to witness what their child is learning and provide them a glimpse of how their child is growing just in the one month session of this leadership program.

The highly interactive 4-weeks course is tailored to address the fourth industrial revolution requirements that are needed by the companies in the coming days. Hence, making sure that students are not just learning but growing and developing skills while they are in process of acquiring knowledge.

Personal Branding

Have you ever wondered how different people are able to project the same thing in different ways and, create an impact?


Why two individuals with the same qualifications have a higher chance to get the job versus the others, are these people just smarter than the rest of us or do they have a magical personal branding strategy?

The answers to your all questions and many more is in the  “Personal Branding Week.”

Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon, once said,

Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room.

This YBLP season, that is exactly what we are going to work on with YOU.

Personal Branding is the hashtag you give to yourself. It is the knowledge you have about your interpersonal and intrapersonal skills and how you enhance it. If you want this hashtag to go viral, you need to learn the tricks of the game and be the change you wish to see in yourself.

No longer is the term “Branding” limited to just businesses, it has now become an individual phenomenon.

Digital Toolkit

Are you a social media geek? or Are you not on social media at all?


Do you get judged a lot for what you post on social media? Or Are you trying too hard to fit-in into social media?

Some of these and many other questions will be addressed in our “Digital Toolkit Week.”

Think like a Publisher, Not a Marketer.
a quote rightly highlighted by, David Meerman Scott.

Digital ToolKit week will provide you a platform to understand the dynamics of Social media and how it plays a key role in shaping and framing your identity. The impact you are making or you will make with the help of Digital Toolkit will help you in the near future to make right decisions whenever you choose any of the social media Tools to express yourself.

De-Coding Entrepreneurship

Have you ever thought of doing your own start- up?


Has it ever occurred to you, that one day, even you can have your own business?

Yup, De-Coding Entrepreneurship Week is your dreams come true roadmap to guide you and take you to places you wish to be in.

Entrepreneur is someone who has a vision for something and a want to create.
-David Karp, founder and CEO Tumblr

De-Coding Entrepreneurship would focus on understanding the fundamentals of being an entrepreneur, the vision for opportunities, connecting and pitching investments, and developing business models that work in the real world. Further you will get a real-life experience stories from the businessmen themselves.

The learnings received would encourage students to apply this knowledge when thinking of launching their own entrepreneurial start-up. These are unforgettable life lessons that will be remembered forever.

Leadership Launchpad

Do you ever wonder why Nelson Mandela, Dr. Matin Luther King Jr or Alexander the great so relevant in today’s world? Does it ever occur to you what did it take for an individual to become a great leader and how could you incorporate those qualities?

If your answer is Yes, then look no more

Our Leadership Launchpad week will get you introduced to the worlds leaders and their inspiring journeys. Leadership Launchpad is your rocket to acing the Leaderboard. It will help you in understanding the characteristics of a true leader and how, if you join Westford, you will be provided with immense opportunities to shine out and gain that confidence to become a leader.

Don’t follow the crowd, let the crowd follow you.
― Margaret Thatcher

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