BA (Hons) in Media, Culture and Communication

BA ( Hons) in Media, Culture and Communication,

Awarded by Liverpool John Moores University

Diploma in Film and Media,

Awarded by Guglielmo Marconi University

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    About BA (Hons) in Media, Culture and Communication

    Program Highlights

    The BA (Hons) in Media, Culture, and communication at Westford in partnership with Liverpool John Moores University, UK  aims at preparing students for work in media-related industries and training them to critically analyze how the media reflects, represents, and influences the world.

    The broader field of communication studies extends beyond areas typically considered within the “media” domain, to explore human communications in all kinds of environments and contexts. This media course includes not only careers in media such as journalism, marketing, and entertainment, but also business and management, education, politics, international relations, law, and more. BA (Hons) in Media, Culture and Communications provides a combination of practical preparation for various media careers, alongside opportunities to analyze media representations from different perspectives – including moral, political, and historical.

    The modules of the program are typically designed to be delivered through a series of lectures, seminars, screenings, various practical activities and assessments, and one-to-one supervision, all of which aim at providing students with a broad understanding of today’s media world. It engages with contemporary developments and debate in media, communication and culture. 

    The program is delivered over three years earning students a total of 360 credits through an onsite and online delivery with live and virtual classes for learners across the globe.

    BA (Hons) in Media, Culture and Communication

    Year 1 - Level 4

    Unit name
    Studying Culture
    Media Texts
    Researching Cinema
    Media Institutions and Audiences
    Professional Writing
    Introduction to Media and Cultural Industries

    Upon completion of year one, learners will receive 120 Credits.

    Year 2 - Level 5

    Unit name
    Public Communication
    Analysing Entertainment Media
    Research Methods
    Media and Cultural Theory
    Public Relations
    Popular Journalism: Research in Practice

    Upon completion of year two, learners will receive 120 Credits.

    Year 3 - Level 6

    Unit name
    Culture and Identity
    Media Policy and Regulation
    Mediating Popular Culture
    Popular Fiction and Publishing

    Upon completion of year three, learners will receive 120 Credits.

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      Exit Awards

      The BA (Hons) in Media, Culture and Communication is a 3-year full-time program with an exit award option upon completion of Level 4 and Level 5. 

       The learner can exit the program after Level 4 (the first year) by earning 120 credits and obtaining a “Certificate in Media Culture and Communications”, or after Level 5, earning 240 credits and a “Diploma in Media Culture and Communications

      About Liverpool John Moores University, UK

      The Liverpool Mechanics Institute was founded by people of power and influence who recognized the transformative effects of education and the impact that learning and aspiration could have on individuals, communities, and society. It was the first such institution to be founded in England. The establishment of the Liverpool Institute and School of Art and the Liverpool Nautical College followed this small, pioneering movement, and in 1900 Irene Mabel Marsh opened the IM Marsh campus. These organizations together laid the foundations for Liverpool John Moores University, an institution that has grown and flourished and continues to provide opportunities for all. Today, with a vibrant community of over 23,000 students from over 100 countries worldwide, 2,400 staff and 250-degree courses, Liverpool John Moore’s University are one of the largest, most dynamic, and forward-thinking universities in the UK.

      Why LJMU?

      About Guglielmo Marconi University


      Guglielmo Marconi University is a modern higher education institution, which aims to pursue the latest innovative training models, as well as building strong connections with the organizations at the forefront of advanced technologies. Being fully accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research, it offers programs recognized at the European and extra-European level giving students the possibility to develop their international careers and succeed in a globalized job market.

      Marconi University Schools maintain the highest standard of program quality and innovation. Six separate schools provide a variety of graduate, doctoral and certificate programs, as well as multidisciplinary learning opportunities. The school aims to engage students in their educational journey, leveraging faculty expertise, and a collaborative learning environment that spurs critical thinking and creative skills. Marconi schools focus on research and innovation, creating interdisciplinary programs that respond to real-world issues and job demands. Their diverse academic community now boasts over 14000 students enrolled in graduate and postgraduate programs, over 300 faculty members, and an academic advising staff comprising of over 200 professionals.

      Why GMU?

      About Chartered Management Institute, UK

      The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) works with businesses and educational institutions to inspire people to become skilled, confident, and successful managers and leaders.

      Chartered Management Institute is the only chartered professional body dedicated to promoting the highest standards in management and leadership excellence.

      Over 100,000 managers use CMI’s unique services regularly. Organizations like Jaguar, Land Rover, Royal Bank of Scotland, Fujitsu, Allianz, Silverstone, Royal Air Force, London South Bank, and Royal College of Physicians amongst others use Chartered Management Institute certifications for certifying their professionals. .

      Certified Manager:

      The professional programme is designed in association with the Chartered Management Institute and helps professionals in attaining a certificate of “ Certified Manager” from Chartered Management Institute, UK.

      The purpose of the programme is to equip professionals with the competence required to implement their organization’s strategies. It is aimed at developing a basic understanding of the different fields of management (i.e., general management, economics, people management, financial management, and marketing) and visionary leadership strategies to enable managers to be transformational leaders.

      Why CMI?

      Upon completion of the program, students will receive a Diploma in Film and Media from the Guglielmo Marconi University, A Certified Team Leader Certificate from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), UK and a BA (Hons) in Media, Culture and Communication from the Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU), UK.

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