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Online MBA in South Africa

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Digital revolution has affected the South African business landscape in numerous ways. Enhanced connectivity and better infrastructure, considerable rise in online business and an upsurge in requirement for e-learning institutions both locally and globally, have become more apparent lately. The way people receive, exchange and absorb information has completely transformed over the years. This change has provided an unprecedented opportunity to adapt and transform the environments in which people learn. In terms of university-based education, this adaptation is already beginning to take shape throughout the country.

South Africa is one of the largest economies in the African continent and is part of the BRICS group of emerging nations. According to the projection of the World Bank, the South African economy is expected to grow to 1.3 per cent by the end of 2019. The recent reports illustrate that the Nominal GDP has already reached 87.6 billion US Dollars and the GDP per capita was USD 6,509 as recorded in December 2018.

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Online MBA

In 2019, increasingly, South Africans are turning to an online platform for education. According to Ms. Wasserfall, one of the professors at a leading university in Cape Town stated that “The old way still has merit, but there’s a whole other market you can reach by doing things online.” Students are beginning to understand recognise the great amount of flexibility that online education provides, by offering virtually facilitated courses that cater to all students who do not have the opportunity to attend a full-time onsite course. With online MBA as an option, such individuals can have a better work-education balance. In addition, virtual enrollment acts as a window to the new worlds for those living far away from higher learning academies. Online education is a pioneering step in democratizing education and enhancing access to good quality education in South African MBA aspirants. Numerous studies continue to show that e-learning can in fact be more effective than more traditional forms of education, particularly in the case of adults

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Our Programs

Westford Online MBA’s are offered with specialization in Supply Chain, Shipping & Logistics Management, Health Care Management, HR & Psychology, Sales & Marketing, International Business Management, Financial Management and in Information Technology. Westford University College offers online MBA programs from leading universities in the UK and Europe with an affordable cost. Online MBA is especially suitable for professionals who are in demanding jobs that leave them little room for self-development through education. The flexibility offered by the affordable online MBA program provides a platform to learn with maximum flexibility. Individuals who are globe trotters prefer the online mode as it allows them to learn at their own pace. The classes can be attended from anywhere in the world and the assignments can be completed and submitted remotely; all you need is a laptop and a reliable internet connection. In addition, the online MBA program can be completed in a shorter span of time in comparison to a traditional MBA, which allows for a better work-life-study balance.

The online MBAs offered by Westford University College are few of the most popular online MBA programs in the region owing to their holistic approach to preparing students for strategic management and leadership roles.

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